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Brian FullerInvolved in Christian music since his childhood, Brian Fuller has the performing experience of a seasoned veteran. Yet, he's the first to say that performing is only a means to have the opportunity to minister the love of Jesus.

Concert-goers are quick to bring up comparisons to Steven Curtis Chapman, Bryan Duncan, and Michael W. Smith. And his ability to appeal to a variety of age groups keeps Brian busy performing on a regular basis.

"I hope to encourage people along the way," says Brian. "It just seems that people need a lift. No matter what the age group, people need to experience God's goodness."

Brian FullerBrian has had the opportunity to perform with some of Christian music's biggest names. Clay Crossem, Greg Long, First Call (who sang background vocals on Brian's first two albums), John Schlitt, Sierra, Big Tent Revival, and Al Denson are some of the artists for whom he has opened. He's also been selected to represent World Vision, a hunger relief organization.

Brian has two albums to his credit, "Teach Me About Love," released in 1994 and his latest, "Good-Lookin' Feet."

Both albums are available from Outback Records.