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Derek Ervin, Kelly Caringer, Aaron McPheron, Jason McPheron, collectively known at The Visit, are innovators in musical direction; always one step ahead of what is to become the cutting edge of adult alternative music.  The Visit's songs are collective interpretations of melodic themes, inspired by personal experiences.

Each member of  The Visit was born into a music-rich childhood.  Although raised in diverse social environments the members oddly shared the same need to create. This made their first musical venture inevitable.  Abbey's Child was born in 1992.

Abbey's Child was a dark-jazz groove band with hooks that gave them regional status in only three weeks.  The band member found themselves performing at the Cornerstone Music Festival, in northern Illinois, just weeks after recording their first demo.  The next few months brought shows in Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri.

The music had only just begun.  Writing styles expanded, creative abilities evolved, and Abbey's Child grew into The Visit.  The addition of Aaron McPheron, brother of drummer, Jason McPheron, finalized the decision for the band to become a new creative entity.  The Visit was approached by Kelly Caringer who offered to record their next project.  Soon after the completion of  The Visit's first demo, the band began to grow again.  A change of members prompted the band to induct Kelly as bass player.  The Visit began playing regularly in Carbondale and earned airplay with their new demo.

Three months later the band decided to record again.  This time not a demo, but an album intended for release.  The recording was nearly completed in Kelly's home studio, but malfunctions in the digital tape machines left the project stranded.  Outback Records CEO, Ted Stice offered to sign the band to his label; ratifying the first serious venture for The Visit.  During the recording of this album, The Visit and it's members underwent many artistic changes.  The music seemed to take on the personality of it's creators and songs evolved even as they were recorded.  The Visit's musical direction was dark and moody, and the songs captured the mind of every listener.

The Visit is an ever-changing collection of art in the form of music for music's sake.  Derek Ervin's provocative lyrics submerge the listener in a sea of visual imagery.  It Defies categorization though it's appeal is undeniable.  Currently, The Visit is performing regionally while releasing singles to radio.