At the age of 30, some say Levi Hart previously known as Levi Webb, is on the road to becoming the next hottest young country/rock singer-songwriter to come out of Canada. With a deep soulful vocal tone unlike any other, he's been known to capture audiences within the first notes of a song. With more than 14 years experience as a musician, writer and singer in the entertainment industry it's easy to see why some of his peers call him a "Triple Threat" and say he's going all the way to the top.   With his ever present energy on stage, Levi has always known how to keep you entertained and wanting more.
In 2006 Levi released his first album titled “Never too late to Change” under his given name Levi Webb. He released 3 radio singles and charted a top 30 song with one he co wrote called “ Crystal Ball “. LARRY DELANEY of Country Music News says " This debut album by Levi is easily one of the more exciting and complete albums by a new artist on the Canadian scene in some time - Levi is a solid songwriter and has a distinct ballsy vocal style that immediately grabs your attention."..."Chalk this one up as the "debut" disc in what should be a long and successful career for Levi".
Throughout his career he has opened up for some of the best headliners across the continent. Having been invited to perform and sing at the 2007 Canadian Country Music Awards songwriters showcase, he shared the stage with talented artists such as Charlie Major, Jesse Farrell, Steve Fox, Gord Bamford, and Jamie Warren just to name a few.
Having recently changed his stage name to Levi Hart, and moving to Nashville to record his follow up album, the future for Levi Hart is definitely looking bright. He's been working very hard on the new songs and album titled “ Faith and Love “ and is already starting to get noticed by his American Counter parts. Levi says changing his name was simply a business decision and his new music promises to deliver the same quality you’d expect. And for some... even more. He says, “ this new album is definitely a lot more personal and you can see more of me as an artist, not just a singer.”
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