Hello, my name is Laura Latham. Thank you for

taking time to learn a little about my

 life. First, I want to say thank you to my wonderful family and friends for their love and support.
    Born and raised in St, Louis, Missouri, I have been singing since I was able to speak. Some of my most treasured memories are those that I shared singing with my daddy.
    There was always music and singing in our home. My talented father, the true blue country boy and my mother, the opera diva! Dad listened to all the great legends of country music. Some of his favorites were Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Sr. and Patsy Cline, to name a few. I had some awesome influences, my daddy being at the top of that list.
    I sang in my school choir, but it wasn't until 1995 that I started singing publicly. Nervously doing karaoke for the first time, at the persuasion of friends and family, I had no idea what wonderful opportunities would soon come my way!
    I have worked with several karaoke companies. In 1995, I started working with "Rendezvous Entertainment", and I am still with them today. I have also worked with a couple other karaoke companies "PM Entertainment" and "Denny's Sound Underground".
    I didn't know what nerves truly were, until I sang "Blue" in an a cappella contest at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville, in front of 2000+ people, and won first place! It was an experience I will never forget!
    I sang in a couple of dance cover bands over the years. In 1999, I joined the band "Crave". After a few years, the band changed names. We were "Sensations" for a few years until the band parted ways in 2006. I sang for a short while in 2009, with the awesome band "Cruzen".
    So far, I have met many wonderful people and had many wonderful experiences in my music career. Huge THANKS to Mr. Ted Stice, owner of Outback Records, for this opportunity! Your awesome, Ted!