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Kelly lives in a small community in the middle of the Ouachita mountains in west central Arkansas, called Briggsville.  She grew up in northeast Arkansas in the small town of Corning.  From a child, she always knew she love music of every genre.  At the age of 14 a close friend told her how talented she was.  The friend dared Kelly to compete in an upcoming talent contest.  Kelly took her dare and ended up winning 1st place in two categories.  This gave Kelly the courage to enter and win several more talent contests.  While living in Corning, she was a regular performer at a little place called "The Round-UP".  Many people have called it the "Grand Ole Opry of Arkansas".  Eventually, Kelly joined a band called the Heirs of the Confederacy.  They did benefits, fairs, festivals, political parties and concerts in which the band did opening acts for celebrities, such as the unforgettable Jerry Clower.