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Kateena's desire to sing came very early in life. One Sunday morning at the age of three, while in church with her grandmother Mae, she told her grandmother: "One day that will be me up there singing".

Her parents would often find her in from of the mirror, singing into a hairbrush while Barbara Mandrell played on the stereo.

Being raised in a Christian home, Kateena soon discovered the music of Sandi Patti. Sandi's powerful ministry touched Kateena's life and influenced the direction she would take in her own music. Later influences included Janet Paschal, CeCe Winians and Celine Dion. By the age of ten, it was obvious to Kateena's parents that she was gifted, and they encouraged her to use her gift to glorify God.

Coupled with her musical influences and her own God-given gift, Kateena's voice became very unique, from the softest angelic voice that could bring you to tears, to an intensely powerful voice, that could stir your very soul and uplift your spirits. By now, Kateena was performing in churches and events all over her home region, even opening at an outdoor concert for the Hemphills at age 15.

Now, at age 25, Kateena lives in her hometown of DeSoto, Illinois, with her husband and beautiful daughters. She devotes her time to promoting her debut album with Outback Records.

Kateena knows that her voice is a gift from God. It is her prayer that through her music, she can touch, encourage and inspire lives. She hopes that her music would act as a courier of God's Great Love and Grace.