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In 1972 Gregory (Greg) Clutts posed with his toy guitar in front of his father's stereo system.  Playing and singing along to "The Eagles" first album in its entirety.  He knew, even at the tender age of 3, music would always be a major part of his life.

He picked up a real guitar at the age of 10, after being exposed to live music.  His father taught him a few chords and he learned even more by being a regular at rehearsal sessions for "The Gary Jones and Joe Stanley Band" (local legends who went on to become Dan Seal's band).

At age 12, Greg had his first jam session with a drummer.  A couple years later, they formed their first band playing pop hits of the day.

In the early nineties, he discovered country music listening to the likes of  Travis Tritt and Garth Brooks.  Soon after, he had his first audition with a working country band and found himself, a week later, playing a totally different style than ever before.

Tired of being locked into one style of music and wanting to try his hand at singing, Greg and two other members left the band and formed an acoustic trio named "Last Resort".  It was during this time he realized he could sing and discovered a whole new way of expressing himself.

Two and a half years later, he is still with the same group of guys under a new name, "Crenshaw Crossing" and is working on his first CD project.  Greg hopes to represent all the musical styles that he has been influenced by over the years.