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Gerald Smith is from Statesboro, Ga. but has been residing in Nashville, TN for the past 12 years. Gerald currently makes his living writing songs and has been doing so for the past 6 years. He has had his songs recorded by such people as Lorrie Morgan, George Strait, George Jones, Collin Raye, Perfect Stranger, Rick Orozco and many others.

Smith has written two songs that have gone to the number one position in the country music charts. "What Part of No Don't You Understand" for Lorrie Morgan and "Every Second" for Collin Raye. But, before Gerald became a successful songwriter, he was performing around the country as the "Georgia Quacker". He has performed as an artist on Hee Haw, Nashville Now, The Grand Ole Opry as well as many other shows around the US.

Gerald has performed with Roy Clark, Buck Trent, Buck Owens, Mike Snider, and many others. Gerald's infamous quacking sound is made by making a fist and blowing in it like an instrument.

In addition to his quacking sounds, Gerald also sings and plays the guitar. He attributes most of his talents to his father who also plays and performs mostly around the Southeast Georgia area.

Gerald has recently completed a quacking album appropriately titled "Duck Tape". It includes such songs as "Dueling Ducks", "A Dog Named Duck" and "The Guitar and The Duck", which was performed by Smith and Mike Snider on Hee Haw and the Nashville Network. Many of the songs on the cassette were written by Smith. Gerald also sings all the songs and does the back up Quacking.