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Dean Comer began singing in 1992 at a small Karaoke bar in his hometown. Although the lounge and it's customers complained at the screeching sound of his voice and the neighborhood dogs howling, Dean was determined to practice. His determination pressed him to purchase a small home Karaoke machine where he could practice without threatening the local bar business. Dean practiced for months training his voice and ear. In 1993 Dean purchased a professional Karaoke system and booked the local Knights of Columbus hall where he held his first Karaoke show. Since then, Dean has played all over the St. Louis and Metro East area. Dean and his friends have been recently doing live performances for dances and fundraisers in the area, and is in high demand In 1996, Dean teamed up with Mr. Ted Stice from Outback Records to release his first single that sold out. Dean and Ted are currently working on a full CD to be released in the near future.

The hardest part of making a CD is to find the right songs, Dean is excited about song selections, but is determined to find only songs that fit his life, or tell a story the he can feel. Dean wants the songs to reflect a part of himself to the world.

We are very excited about "Don't Tell The Babies" a song written by Dave Oxford and Tommy Allen. This song already is getting attention from radio stations, anticipating its release.