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Aaron RussellAaron Russell hails from the great state of Illinois. Born in Rushville, his family later moved to rural Macomb where he spent much of his formative years.

Growing up, Aaron wanted to play drums for his school's orchestra so he asked his father for a snare drum. His father replied, "Son, you can't whistle Dixie let alone play a drum!" Luckily for Aaron his mother played a large role in getting Aaron his first instrument, a $45 drum.

This drum became a stepping stone for Aaron's music career as he soon took lessons and formed the trio "The Deadbeats" with a couple of friends, Danny and Scottie Weaver. Attending Bardolph High School, they later changed their band's name to "The Bardolph Houndogs" and played mostly for fun to anyone who would listen.

Aaron RussellAfter playing together for a while the "Houndogs" decided to try their hand at talent contests and then moved up to live dances and clubs. Aaron's sister Nina joined the group and the band added a new drummer. Aaron then began playing rythym guitar and later piano.

A lot has changed over the years. Danny Weaver went on to become the bus driver for Charlie Daniels and then the steel player and bus driver for Marty Stuart. Aaron continued performing and has once again joined his old friend Danny to do a new album for "Outback Records."